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Welcome to Innova Global's network cabling services, a Indianapolis network cabling company. We are expert installers of all types of network cabling systems, also commonly referred to as structured cabling, ethernet cabling, voice & data cabling, and infrastructure cabling. Being a Indianapolis network cabling company, we have seen it all. This makes us the easy choice for you no matter where your cabling installation may be located. Our cabling services are performed only by the leading installation experts that will always get the job done.


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Whether it be CAT 5E or CAT 6, setting up a reliable, robust network starts with selecting which type Ethernet cable is right for the job. Innova Global Technology is expertly trained to plan/design, install, and test your network installations in Indianapolis. Future proofing your office, setting up a business network, or running thousands of feet (or hundreds) of cable in corporate data center, Innova Global Technology has you covered.