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We install access control installations, Intercom, Door Entry System, Locks and Equipment into Yorba Linda businesses.

Our seamless integration of our variety of security product offering enables us to deliver total security solutions for integrating access control installations together with digital video, CCTV, cards + readers, and door hardware. As part of our service, we will work with you to design only the best and most secure access control installation for your Yorba Linda business premises, whether you need access control for a single door or the entire building.

Each of our solutions and systems are unique to the premises at which they are installed. This is the result of carefully working with our clients to instal integrated access control installations tailored to custom specs. Once our installation is complete, we can train you and your employees in the use of these access control installations in order to make the best use of your new systems


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How professional access control installation can help you, Yorba Linda

Professional access control installation installers will carefully select, install, and integrate every component in an access control installation to ensure smooth operation and compatibility, reducing risk.

Professional vs DIY

    • Continuous monitoring and tracking preventing access without proper authorization with live alerts

    • Extensive audit trails, showing who was where and at what times

    • Remote access if desired, to both the building and to audits