Best Commercial Cabling Dallas is the leading Network Cabling company nationwide for over 25 years!

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Innova Global Technology in Dallas

  • We've been in the residential and commercial cabling business (amongst other things) for over 30 years.
  • We offer the highest quality in the infrastructure business at the lowest cost to our clients.
  • We offer our reputation and the promise that you will always have our staff's full support, cooperation, and honesty.
  • We have thousands of satisfied clients and we'd love to show you why.

About Innova Global Technology

Innova Global Technology (IGT) has been the leading Commercial Cabling and System Installation company in the USA for over 30 years. We install the things that make communication work both locally and nationwide. IGT provides high-quality single source design, installation, deployment, and maintenance for wiring/networking in addition to cloud computing systems.

Specifically, in Dallas, Innova Global Technology has been the business' leader in Commercial Cabling, Data Cabling, Security System Installation, Access Control, Camera Installation, Fiber Optic Cabling, Voice Wiring, Audio/Video A/V Cabling; and other Commercial Cabling Services. Amongst our many services, we provide expertise in the following cabling; Ethernet Cabling using Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6/6e, and Cat7 amongst others.

Some of IGT's Highlights and Services in Dallas Include:

  • Reputable C7 Licensed and Guaranteed
  • Structured Commercial Cabling for Enterprise / Corporate and Small Businesses
  • Both voice and data network installation (Including but not limited to: Cat 5/5e, Cat6/6e, and Cat 7 wiring)
  • Fiber Optic Installation by trained professionals skilled in Single mode, Multimode, Fiber Optic Testing & Terminations (ST-SC - LC - MTRJ)
  • Enterprise, Small Business, and Residential & VoIP Phone Systems
  • WiFi / Wireless Network Installation, WLAN Networking Setup, Access Point Mapping, and AP Installation
  • Security Camera Installation (IP Security Cameras, CCTV, Wireless Cameras, & both Indoor and Outdoor Video Surveillance Systems)
  • Alarm Systems Installation
  • Conference Room Design alongside Audio/Video (A/V) Cabling & Wiring
  • and much, much more!