Reputation and review mobile portal

Can Potential Customers Find Your Business Online? You’re losing valuable business if they can’t.

Do you know;
  • About 70% of your customers are typically within 3 miles of your location This means that your local market is important and local marketing is essential as it saves time and is more convenient for you and your customers 
  • Close to 90% of all your customers operate within 5 miles of your business’s location.
  • 72% of consumers who search for local information on a smartphone visit a store within 5 miles. 
  • 73% of consumers lose trust in your business if your online listings aren’t accurate. (Search Engine Watch) 
  • A one-star increase in a business rating can equate to a 5% to 9% revenue increase!(Harvard Business School)
Do you believe an agree;
  • You can not on rely on word of mouth unless you are planning to fail in business.
  • Being on the 1st page of search and with 4 & 5-star reputation & review is a huge asset 
  • If you are not on the 1st page you are on the last page.
  • If you are not on the 1st page, your competitions are getting the actions and your customers.
  • Contact us, we can help you to only get to the 1st page with high reputation rating but also we brand you as the best. We guarantee the results 100% with a money back program. 

    We guarantee 1st local search positioning and your 4 to 5 stars reputation exclusively list & promote only one class/type of business in your local marketplace. 
    You will attract more customers, keep your current customers & grow your business. We brand you next to your top competitors. Big Results with a Small Business Budget.
Effect of reputation management on Google search 1st page More Reviews, More referral, better business 


9 positions'  SEO objects  with  2 positions with reputation management 

Total page dominance - All reds are organic SEO to the 1st page 
      •  SEO   and reputation management - Yellow stars
      • Google business page SEO and reputation management - Yellow stars
      • Innova website SEO 1
      • Innova website SEO 2
      • Slider 1  SEO
      • Slider 2  SEO
      • Slider 3  SEO
      • Slider 4 SEO 
      • Youtube SEO 

Automation tool

Now your staff and management inside or outside the office can effortlessly collect positive,  genuine reviews.

Just simply ask for email or mobile number and send customers or client for review in real time. 

Post-Purchase or transaction text and Email. Collect more reviews, more quickly through fully responsive, easily customizable, automated emails to your shoppers. More than 80% of reviews are generated as a result of a post-purchase or transaction email. Now you can send the messages using your own staff or us we can easily integrate into any email or phone systems or workflow.