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CSEM Inc. makes OSHA regulatory training fun, unexpected and energizing for class students!

BEST OSHA safety training and  certification Allegheny County

Our BEST OSHA safety training and certification Allegheny County (877) 701-2736 is geared towards educating participants on how to best identify, avoid and control any of the job hazards in order to eliminate work-related injuries and illnesses.  While we take the business of safety very seriously, our instructors try hard to evoke a class environment which is stimulating and rewarding for everyone.

Class Overview

    We discuss the rights and responsibilities of both employer and employee with a quick look at the process of reporting, recordkeeping and inspection. Upon completion of CSEM’s BEST OSHA safety training and certification Allegheny County, class participants will have a clear understanding of the following:

#1 - What OSHA means and how it benefits both employee and employer - as outlined below:

  • OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration –  BEST OSHA safety training and certification Allegheny County guides and inspires employers and employees to work together as a team to decrease any dangers in the workplace while continuously improving health and safety programs.
  • OSHA develops and regulates mandatory standards for occupational safety and health in the workplace. Their guidelines help businesses to protect their employees and reduce the amount of work-related injuries, illnesses, and deaths.
  • OSHA mandates a system of record keeping that monitors injuries and illnesses that are job-related.
  • Provides and assists employees with training and support programs.

#2 - Our safety and health program covers all OSHA Standards and industry related categories that fall under the following standards: General Industry, Maritime, Construction and Agriculture

The course will discuss at least three of the OSHA required employer responsibilities:

  • To provide hazard-free workplace that is safe and healthful for employees.
  • Apply OSHA standards at all times.
  • Deliver appropriate training and education for all employees.
  • Log and maintain all work-related illnesses and injuries through detailed record keeping practices.
  • Assist OSHA inspectors with full cooperation.
  • Best practices for placing the “OSHA poster” along with the company’s annual summary of work-related injuries and illnesses in a visible location.

The class will also cover the rights and responsibilities of the workers as follows:

#1 - Workers Rights

  • Employees (workers) have the right to contact OSHA with complaints in several ways. In person, by telephone, traditional mail or electronically through  OSHA’s own website page regarding conditions in the workplace that are threatening the health and safety of employees. Please note that complainants have whistleblower protection against reprisal.

#2 - Workers Responsibilities

  • Follow all health and safety rules mandated by the employer.
  • Use and wear all required equipment and gear.
  • Follow safe work procedures as implemented by the employer.
  • All unsafe work-related conditions should be reported to a supervisor or safety committee.
  • Report these unsafe work-related conditions to OSHA if they are not corrected.
  • Fully cooperate and assist OSHA inspectors.
  • Our OSHA training will also discuss where participants can go to find out more about OSHA or get additional help.

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