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About Us

We are a network of passionate local entrepreneurs and collaborators focused on making a positive impact in our local communities, one person and one business at a time. 

We are your neighbors and we the people, use local products and services, and we even invest locally to improve our quality of life and environment. We believe "Be Local, Buy Local, Work Local, but think Global" and the power of the many.

We are a local small business consulting, marketing and networking force.

Our Program

We have many entrepreneurial training programs. We believe that entrepreneurship is a learning process that is taught in the school of small businesses. We have learnt to leverage the "knowledge age" and believe that we can succeed as a local community.  We share with you the powerful leverages you can utilize to add to your knowledge and skills in order to gain freedom, meaning and wealth.
The main driving point is helping local businesses to add to their bottom-line through inbound marketing (PR, SEO, SMM and more), and local business networking events.

Our Strong Leverage Points

We leverage with our business experiences, hard work, the internet age, Google business solutions, social media, digital age, inbound and outbound marketing, YouTube and online video production, local business coaching, consulting, CrowdFunding and CrowdSourcing. Some of these tools, skills and knowledge have never been available through out the course of humanity . These tools and skills have already produced new entrepreneur billionaires and businesses. Example. Microsoft founder Bill Gates at the age 35. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg at the age of 24. Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin at the age of 35. We too now have the ability to learn from and leverage with the same to promote ourselves to the "knowledge age" and make use of all its advantages.   

How Does it Work? 

One must be willing to learn and work locally, promoting your best local businesses, events, and places. We will train you to be the local expert and provide you with the tools needed to get engaged with your local businesses promoting them, adding to their business traffic and creating repetitive conversion. The key point is to be local and adding value to your local businesses, one business at a time. We can demonstrate how we can be the expert in local marketing, sales, and fundraising which every small business wishes it had but could not afford.

Entrepreneur factory

We have built an innovative and entrepreneurial factory. A business marketing and fund raising incubator. A local  enterprise community center.  Locals.Best offers you a unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration, and collaborative opportunities to have a positive measurable impact  in your local community, economy and work, improving both your local businesses and your very own quality of life.

Benefits and advantages

We only list the best and one business type per city. 
We have left "information age" and are at the start of "Intelligence / knowledge age" , this should of took 100 years at least but due to technology , it took only less than a decade .

Thus jobs now and in the future would be a very different than traditional jobs. This is a big challenge. 

Our solution is to create meaningful real jobs and  positions for Entrepreneurs of all ages. Thus we have created a Entrepreneurship engine and ecosystem leveraging "knowledge age"  tools and techniques.

We believe Entrepreneurship can be learned and practiced.

We basically place and interface baby boomers X, Y and Z generations with Local businessmen ( proven entrepreneurs) , plus a strong win, win win value proposition. See the ecosystem

The process is based on  local Entrepreneurs effort to promote best local businesses which  produces reoccurring revenue, potential building relationship with local businesses ( future full time or part time local jobs) , build entrepreneurial skills for the  local Entrepreneur.

We have positions available in every city in USA starting with State of California . We simply look for the best of businesses in local area and post them in ( I.e.

Our back office works with Google, outbound and inbound marketing teams, local social media channels and promote the local business web page at to the first page of google search and offer full digital marketing support and strategy at a very every low price.

This is a win, win, win and win strategy

  • Website users searching for the best local business and resources: 
    • Win by saving time, money, resources and being environmentally friendly. (people search for the best) 
  • Local entrepreneurs : 
    • Win by promoting best local business and producing reoccurring revenue .
    • Win by building network of local entrepreneurs
    • Win by learning entrepreneurship from its source   
  • Local investors: 
    • Win by finding and  investing in best local businesses and minimizing investment risk.
    • Win by Shifting interest from Wall Street to  Local Street and achieve real prosperity
  • Local business:
    • Win Increasing revenuedeveloping webs and social media strategy and leveraging on " knowledge age" marketing strategy.  Beating business competitors  
  • Local economy:
    • Win by producing local jobs,income, training and network building for local entrepreneurs and talents 
Think Win-Win isn't about being nice, nor is it a quick-fix technique. It is a character-based code for  posetive human interaction,  collaboration and wealth building. is not a business directory . We selectively choose only one business per vertical to promote per city. The is exclusive listing of best local businesses, events, jobs, places  and deals. 

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Our members are embedded in local communities across United Estate, but they multiply their scale and scope as a entrepreneur collaborators. There is power and safety in numbers but there is also direct local impact. Be part of something big and help entrepreneurs like you and businesses with a national network behind you and a voice in high places. Join our diverse Local.Expert community of members, entrepreneurs and collaborators who will inspire, connect, empower, and enable you to develop your best work every step of the way. Join us and we will share with you more details.