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Many of our " Brand discovery" clients contact us and let us know Yelp sales team has contact and solicit their local marketing business.

Our response is simple. 
  1. We are not a marketing or directory agency, we are a local business accelerator. 
    1. We build a fully customize and SEOed web page promoting one client at a time locally.
    2. Our pricing is 1/3 of our competitions. 
    3. We use the Google web server and are in compliance.
    4. We promote our client on daily bases on Social Media
    5. We focus on having our clients page on top of the page with reputation start  ★★★★★ next to it. Trust + top search result produce clicks
    6. https://www.google.com/search?q=best+hair+implant+newport+beach&oq=best+hair+implant+newport+beach&aqs=chrome..69i57j0j69i64.8103j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

  2. We guarantee results in a written contract with money back commitment.  
  3. We do not list our client next to their competitions
  4. We claim, verify, register and monthly update our clients in over 50+ directories and citations.  
  5. We provide an easy to use reputation management portal to protect clients online reputation and be able to collect genuine reviews more predictability. 
We want our client to speak and ask Yelp for their offerings, packages and compare ours with what they offer for the price and quality. See attached 
  1. Comparison sheet
  2. Example of the 1st page - Yelp vs Locals.best  

Locally Promote Your Business Online Risk-Free  GET STARTED 

Locally Promote Your Business Online Risk-Free  GET STARTED 
List of some of our clients:

* After 3 to 4 months you do not need to type the word "best" as part of your search term, by then you are branded as the best and collected the genuine reviews.
  1. Best septic service Kingwood
  2. Best mold removal Fort Lauderdale
  3. Best senior home care Connersville
  4. Best home health care Fort Lauderdale
  5. Best Piano Store Irvine
  6. Best hair salon Irvine
  7. Best network cabling San Francisco
  8. Best rug cleaning Los Angeles
  9. Best Home Health Care Lake Forest
  10. Best drug rehab Pittsburgh
  11. Best hair salon Boca Raton
  12. Best Business Litigation Attorney Boca Raton
  13. Best personal injury attorney Chicago
  14. Best business litigation attorney Boca Raton
  15. Best dental office Ontario CA
  16. Best real estate sales and services Daly City
  17. Best home painting Boca Raton
  18. Best plumber Waldorf
  19. Best crowdfunding expert Los Angeles
  20. Best jewelry store Boca Raton
  21. Best drug rehab Denver
  22. Best financial educations Aliso Viejo
  23. Best network cabling San Diego
  24. Best network cabling Los Angeles
  25. Best network cabling Irvine
  26. Best Home Health Care Laguna Beach
  27. Best commercial cabling Irvine
  28. Best house moving Lubbock
  29. Best install and repair fluid pumps Detroit
  30. Best kitchen remodeling Irvine
  31. Best septic service Grantsville
  32. Best septic service Keyser
  33. Best roofing contractor Somerville
  34. Best senior home care Pittsburgh
  35. Best senior home care Kittanning
  36. Best senior home care Greensburg
  37. Best senior home care Bradford
  38. Best cosmetic eyelid surgery Aliso Viejo
  39. Best home health care Miami
  40. Best diamond floor polishing Pompano Beach
  41. Best senior care Irvine
  42. Best emergency plumbing Boca Raton
  43. Best epoxy flooring supplies West Palm Beach
  44. Best FUE Orange County
  45. Best digital marketing agency Irvine
  46. Best personal injury attorney Plantation
  47. Best emergency plumbing Wellington
  48. Best home health care Laguna Hills
  49. Best home health care Mission Viejo
  50. Best financial educations Laguna Niguel
  51. Best Persian market Orange County

Brand Discovery Infographics 

Locally Promote Your Business Online Risk-Free  GET STARTED