Local business and entrepreneurs  Growth Hacking Getting To Traction

Five things we're gonna talk about which get you there 
  1. Focus
  2. A great product 
  3. Performance mark
  4. Single by regrowth 
  5. Hustle

  1. Getting traction 
    1. Start from the dead zone- when you have only a few months
    2. traction means growth
      1. User
      2. Revenue
    3. 20 to 30 percent growth
    4. How can get to that point faster;
      1. Identified scale-able acquisition channel
        1. Where you can find more customers
        2. Pay more  and focus more and get more 
      2. Unit economics to support scaling
        1. your unit economics which could be your conversion rate you repeat rate you
          the retention rate your margin
A - Focus on getting traction using a matrix.
  1. Focus on engagement
  2. Focus on Frequency - they come back
  3. Focus on analytic 
  4. Focus on single users that are converting 
B - A great product 
  1. Focus on building something special, the right product  and services 
C- Performance mark
  1. Find scale channel 
  2. Look at the impression volume. How many people are looking for the product and service  
  3. One can get traffic. This is done by money, Google, and Facebook
    1. But targeted and relevant people  matters
    2. Buying audience  
D- Single by regrowth

E- Hustling
  1. Talk to your customer to get more customers
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