Your business what , how, when, who, whom and where will be meaningful when you have the answers your why.

Why you do what  you do?

Once you thoroughly answered this question , then you will find;
  1. Like minded people care about your why.
  2. Co founders and partner 
  3. Business strategy
  4. Your customers
  5. Your expert crowd source.

Get clarity to your why?

  1.  Start with an statement 
    1. Ask your why question from you and documented
    2. Then, ask it again
    3. And again
  2. Be intentional with your culture
    1. Who are you 
    2. Who do you work with
    3. Who are  your partners
    4. Who are your client and customer
  3. What are your values
  4. What are you changing
  5. Collaborate with like minded people
  6. Hire like minded people
  7. Build operations around it
  8. Measure, measure and measure   

Our whys 

  1. We like to have freedom,
  2. We like to  do and build something meaning. We believe entrepreneurship 
    1. Focus on a problem worth solving ( locally or globally) 
    2. Why you go to work
      1. Work with people to build something together (collaboration) 
      2. We like to bring ourselves to work, we believe entrepreneurship 
      3. We like to work with local people and communities
      4. Helping local business that wants to be helped
      5. Focus and solve a  problem worth solving
        1. Create local opportunities
        2. Promote local businesses , creating positive local economy
        3. Use Crowdfunding to build businesses   
  3. We like wealth


  1. Technology is not the end , it is simple a means to the end 
  2. Focus on the problem
  3. Use the technology to solve the problem 
  4. If you can try to change a big problem using local resources

Find your why

  1. Your why fires up  your passion
  2. Your why makes your business from ordinary to extraordinary
  3. If you like our "why"  (promoting local people and businesses) Join us
    1. Join us and start generating reoccurring revenue by  assisting local businesses 
    2. Let us promote your business