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A Business Idea, But Now What?

Have you been helping others to build their ideas and business for so long? 

In "New Normal"  business rules are changed and more than ever you have the opportunity  to be your own boss. You know many companies and competitors have to start from ground zero. May be even your current boss!

If you agree with the above, then you are coming from the right place and we can help you to launch your business. Our team collectively have launched over 100 of businesses in the past. We help you to Execute and Build your idea. 

No, Money Cannot Solve All of Your Problems

Sorry to say but just because you have a business idea or even a new company doesn’t mean that you should start looking for funding. Investment hunting takes a lot of energy and it will take some time before you’re even ready to start. First thing’s first, prepare yourself and learn how to bootstrap and build with what you already have.

We provide you with the tools needed and marketing required to get you 1st set of clients  or partners then we assist you to build it to last.

How does it work? Step by step but fast!
  1. As you know to best way to learn is by doing. In our program we help you to learn fast, do and build fast  what is needed for you to launch your business and idea (Usually less than a week) .
  2. We meet with you to understand your idea and what are you plans are. We sign an NDA to secure your idea and plan.
  3. We help you to build your own virtual business by assisting you to build your website. Your website is your business plan. You do not need any programing background 
    1. We leverage with Google cloud tools, all intellectual property is yours 
    2. This allows you to build your business at lowest cost possible (and start collecting inputs, complimentary ideas, finding partner and even startup funding from friends, Family, nearest, dearest  or even be able to licence the idea and share it with angel investors and corporate entities
  4. Next, using Google cloud services, at the lowest cost, we establish  your access to all Google G suite collaborative tools. 
    1. Once you adapt these you will  have a full functioning virtual office:  Email, Document  systems, Cloud storage, Video conferencing, phone , web server and cloud security
    2. This is scalable from one person to thousands at the same low cost.
  5. We assist you to set up with your 
    1. Social Media channels and promote you in our 450,000 strong media channels
    2. Training tools 
    3. Business management tools 
  6. We brand you as the best and promote you to the 1st page of Google search for your main key phase in your chosen city.  Click here to see how 
  7. We help you to build your Google locals and promote you locally and how you how to build reviews , reputations and then accelerate your business
The Secret

Hustling and perseverance Is 98% Of the Equation: You know, you can be the most capable, intelligent, experienced and wealthy individual and still have a failing business.  

Your idea could be the most brilliant one since the invention of the  Internet and still, you could have a failing business. So it’s not these characteristics that amount to success, most of the time it’s about how long you can persevere. 

We help you along the way as a business coach to make sure you deliver success. 

Along the way, you’ll encounter a lot of pessimists  so learn from the get go to grow a thick skin and believe in your idea enough to carry on. Times will be tough, you’ll be one ramen noodle packet away from giving up and going back to your corporate job but again perseverance is everything. We  can’t stress this enough; no one is going to believe in you more than you so it’s your job to keep your business going until your hit success by keeping yourself afloat.

If you are ready, then complete this form. Tomorrow will be one more day late to build your idea. 

Act now!