Client Case Study for Locals.Best

Linda Chevrier is very passionate about helping women learn how to plan and manage their finances. She left her family contractor business to pursue her passion to provide the best financial educations full time and joined Five Rings Financial with focus on women's financial health.

Linda was introduced to us by our business accelerator agent "Yo" Adrian Sanchez who knew Locals.Best could accelerate Linda's outreach to her local surrounding areas. We placed Linda's listing on Locals.Best focusing on reaching out to women in Aliso Viejo California regarding an event that would take place three days after the best financial educations listing went live.

The results were phenomenal, Linda received over 50 women inquiring about her event. Her event was so successful that there was standing room only at the event. This motivated Linda to move to full-fledged marketing with Locals.Best

Our brand discovery program  accomplishes :

  1. Increase revenue 
  2. Build a brand ( the best in the community) 
  3. 1st-page position Guarantee 
  4. Improve local SEO 
  5. Increase qualified traffic 
  6. Manage online reputation
    1. Products and services to make review collection easier  with higher quality 
  7. Claim and varifies 65+ directories
  8. Sales & marketing automation 

Brand Discovery Program 

#1 - Branded as the "best"  and promoted to the 1st page of search  

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