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About Edwin

Edwin grew up the oldest son of small business owners. He worked at my parent’s small business during the summers in the 1970’s and 80’s. Not matters of choice, his jobs were about economic survival for his family. When his teen-aged contemporaries hit the sand and surf at Newport Beach, California, or vacationed in far-away lands, Edwin cleaned motorhomes at 13 years of age, because his parents owned A&D Motorhomes in Costa Mesa, California. Later, when he moved to Irvine, California.

Branding and marketing was first introduced to him when he was 19 years old. In 1983, his parents had started another small business, a travel agency, in Irvine. Their marketing efforts consisted of handing out simple fliers that he had produced with rub-on letters and a small copier located in the back of the office.Edwin Dearborn created a new flier every week and handed out hundreds of these to small- and medium-sized businesses situated in surrounding business parks. With these flyers and the small Sunday advertisements that they ran in their local paper, they generated over a million dollars in sales within their first year of business. In 1984, a million dollars in sales was pretty impressive for a family-owned business and to an impressionable teenager.

Edwin now possessed first-hand knowledge that effective marketing was a crucial factor for business success.

A few years later, he worked for a boutique advertising agency, J. Brooks Potter, in Orange County, California. This exciting career change presented to Edwin an opportunity to meet hundreds of small-and-medium-sized-business professionals, who struggled with branding and how to take their wares and messages to the marketplace. At this time, he read books by David Ogilvy and Jack Trout & Al Ries, renowned leaders in the fields of marketing and branding. (Their books are classics that he still references 30 years later.)

Working diligently at the agency for over a year, involved in solving many marketing challenges, Edwin observed two important factors: the struggles and confusions of entrepreneurs and business owners with passion, often wavering in their determination to succeed, implementing new strategies and tactics that would brand and market their businesses successfully. On the other side of that coin were marketing professionals working to develop their clients’ challenges into new brands and marketing messages by crafting intelligent, innovative programs and stunning marketing materials.


Branding is the dynamic process of effectively positioning you as the trusted leader within you field or niche.

Edwin is  brand strategist who simplifies client acquisition, elevating ambitious businesses who are completely committed to creating success with time-tested methods. My marketing systems accelerate entrepreneurs & small businesses to efficiently generate more revenue and increase profits.

Leveraging more sales can include branding, use of key partnerships, content development, web marketing strategies, internet marketing campaigns, landing page optimization, search optimization, online lead generations campaigns, pay per click campaigns, increasing search engine rankings and many other engaging methods. Reaching your marketing goals, enjoying higher conversion rates and building successful brands are my top objectives.

He has been professionally teaching sales & traditional marketing in the executive coaching field for over 25 years. During that time, I have delivered hundreds of workshops to over 10,000 individuals. Moreover, I have personally coached hundreds of CEOs, CPAs, Doctors, local small business owners and entrepreneurs from all over the United States with my small business marketing strategies.

The net result of my direction has been to assist small business owners to generate ten's of millions of dollars in revenue through time-proven sales management and marketing programs. I have first hand experience in tackling an array of business challenges and then developing performance-based action plans that generate sustainability and profitability.


  • Content creation & management 
  • Marketing strategies 
  • Brand-building 
  • Keyword research 
  • Public speaking
  • Public Relations
  • Online reputation 
  • Business online practices
  • Pay-per-click monetization 
  • Acquisition campaigns 
  •  A pioneer in multi-channel consumer marketing

Edwin best selling book:Power Branding Secrets

Edwin wrote Power Branding Secrets to help small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups to develop brands that grow into enduring, profitable enterprises. My purpose is to revive the ultimate Power Brand – America – and thus her economy. A small band of tireless entrepreneurs, energetic innovators, and emphatic voices can reignite the American small business culture by retooling their branding and business protocols and filling in the gaps of omitted know-how.

Building a Power Brand requires proven and tested know-how, hard work, ingenuity, creativity, humility and a tremendous amount of bull-headed determination. Power brands are meticulously and systematically built. The elements of a Power Brand form into a previously unidentified triangle described and discussed in detail within his book. Read more

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