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Innova Global for Access Control Installation South Pasadena

Installing a commercial access control installation is very crucial to securing your building, properties, and workers. Beside the crucial security factor, it reduces business operating costs and makes sure you know what is happening at all times. However, there are many access control companies out there, each claiming their own benefits. Innova Global can take your requirements and help you in deciding the best way forward for your access control needs.

Access Control Installation South Pasadena California in Los Angeles county

Our Installation Services In South Pasadena Include The Following Types of Building access control installations

  • Multiple Location Many locations across the city, the boroughs or even other states can share one centralized database which means one card per employee and one interface for everything
  • IP Based Access Control Allows your system to integrate with other security systems, now and in the future
  • Office Space Systems for only your space which do not have to interact with the building's access control installation
  • Turnstiles Control traffic in your lobby
  • Employee Badging Use the keycard to double as an employee picture ID
Access Control Installation South Pasadena California in Los Angeles county