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Best sexual abuse attorney Santa Ana reach us at ☎ (714) 258-7800  Salek Law Firm has become the voice of victims of best sexual abuse in Santa Ana and throughout California. Sex offenders can significantly impact the emotional and physical health of their victims, and, sadly, are often permitted to continue to perpetuate their abuses against subsequent victims. This is because those with authority over these offenders knew or should have known about the perpetrator’s abusive tendencies but fail to protect victims. Much of this sexual abuse is leveled against the most vulnerable segment of our society: children and adolescents. The situations in which this type of abuse occurs vary greatly, however, a few examples include teachers, coaches, religious leaders, physicians, and other individuals in positions of trust and authority over children that are often shamed into silence about these acts. The workplace is another common place where sexual misconduct by individuals in positions of power occurs.

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Attorneys experienced in prosecuting civil claims against the perpetrators can prevail at trial and obtain an award of money damages to compensate the victims for the abuse. This includes employers who know or should know that they are employing or continuing to employ sexual predators. Similarly, this can include a variety of people that come in contact with our youth, such as teachers, coaches and other educational professionals along with the school districts that employ them. In such instances it is critical to have an experienced attorney that knows how to prosecute a victim’s claim and to assess (1) whether proper pre-hire procedures were followed including a full background check, (2) whether the entity with control over the perpetrator ignored signs and signals of the sexually abusive behavior and failed to take the proper precautions or terminate the employee, and (3) whether there was adequate supervision to prevent the sexual abuse. If an entity has failed to take the proper precautions, the employer entity may be liable for the abuse by the offender.

Best sexual abuse attorney Santa Ana

Best sexual abuse attorney Santa Ana as your trusted sexual abuse attorney is able to bring to bear our extensive experience and expertise to promptly obtain the results to which victims of this abuse are entitled.

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Best sexual abuse attorney Santa Ana

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Best sexual abuse attorney Santa Ana
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