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Custom Network Cabling Installation in Gilroy

We know that no two offices are alike. That's why our technicians are well adapted to diverse environments, respecting your space as another unique case. Technology is dynamic, always changing, and it is hard to know where to begin. At Innova Global, we will walk you through all your options, so that you may feel confident that you only pay for what you need.

Network Cabling Gilroy California in Santa Clara county

Network Cabling Systems

From new construction projects requiring full cabling, to an existing building/office that only needs a few additional items, we can provide you with all your network cabling wiring needs. When it comes to network cabling installation for all your cat 6, network cable, fiber optic cable, low voltage, and structured cabling needs in Gilroy, we can help.

Our full range of network cabling related services include:

  • Network Cabling Design and configuration of seamless communication and integration between IT devices. Possibly using fiber optic, cat5e, or cat6 cables.
  • Structured Cabling Using industry standard layouts for office and backbone connections
  • Server Rack Cabling Labeled and professionally organized cabling which revolves around your data center racks
  • Wire and Cabling Repair Services Diagnosis and repair of your network cabling problems, as well as any possible enhancements of existing cable systems
Network Cabling Gilroy California in Santa Clara county