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Providing enterprise-level security and centralized 24x7x365 monitoring of your building Data, voice, security systems, resulting in unprecedented security, connectivity, and control.

Data, voice, security systems are highly vulnerable to intrusions & cyber attacks and create technology headaches for the property, facility managers and engineers. Most CKT just accesses the MPOE and not the wiring closets due to security and liability issues. The Intelligent Riser network is specifically designed to keep your building systems secure and running 24x7x365. Secure. Proven. Affordable.


Building systems with multi-levels & floor accesses are open and vulnerable to a wide range of cyber-attacks.


Building data, voice, security systems & networks are set up and forgotten about… until there’s a problem. Many Moves, adds & changes make the wiring closest messy & difficult to maintain without downtime


After installation, most building data, voice, security systems are rarely updated, increasing security risk and liability over time.


Building wiring closets are accessed with a multitude of resources & contractors, thus make the installed data, voice, security systems vulnerable


Our Network Operations Center (NOC) monitors building Riser network 24x7x365, preventing intrusions and delivering peace of mind & managing liabilities.


Our certified network engineers & installers ensure your Intelligent Riser network is always up-to-date with the latest security


Future upgrades, carrier builds, reliable internet connectivity, and disaster remediation all rely on having an actively maintained riser and up-to-date documentation of building telecom spaces.


Smaller tenants can (in most cases) use the Innova Global staff as an in-house Telecom department.