Best professional disinfection services in Fountain Valley

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 Do It Yourself Disinfection Kit


Facility reopenings come with an incredible amount of responsibility and attention to sanitation guidelines. As Fountain Valley and the rest of the state prepare their commercial facilities for an influx of customers and guests once again, it's crucial that every business owner takes advantage of proper sanitation and cleaning resources to continue to mitigate the spread of Cronovirus ( COVID 19) . This can only happen with the help of knowledgeable and experienced sanitation experts.

At best professional disinfection services Fountain Valley team, we've put together disinfecting service packages tailored to the unique cleanliness needs of commercial environments. When you need top quality sanitation services during this time, we'll be the coronavirus cleaning company you need to ensure the health of everyone who enters your building.

Our sanitation services help businesses like yours by making sure all of your surfaces are properly disinfected and ensuring that all floors, rooms and other pathogen harboring areas are clean at all times. Opting for our sanitation and disinfecting services helps your facility in the following ways:

  • Your facility will be professionally disinfected according to Cronovirus ( COVID 19) Facility Reopening Guidelines
  • You can help slow the spread of coronavirus and other pathogens
  • You, your employees and any visitors to your facility can have peace of mind knowing that the premises have been properly disinfected
  • You gain employee and customer trust, which can translate to more business for your company
  • We believe in caring for our communities by providing safe and sanitary environments at all times and through all that life throws at us. When you choose Disinfection Squad team as your professional commercial sanitation service in L.A., you can continue to build trust between your business and your own community by showing others that you care about their health.
    • Apartment complexes
    • Schools
    • Municipal Buildings
    • Offices
    • Retail Outlets
    • Manufacturing Facilities
    • Single Family Homes
    professional disinfection services Fountain Valley California in Orange county

    We are Coronavirus (COVID 19) cleaning services experts

    Micron mechanical fogging, Electrostatic & Ultrasonic Fogging spray technology have been utilized in the horticultural industry for decades. Now Disinfection Squad is putting it to task for environmental disinfection to ensure 360deg surface coverage with 60% less chemicals applied in 30% of the time.

    Disinfection Squad Follows Cleaning and disinfecting protocol updated CDC guidance for mitigating the transmission of viral pathogens (including Coronavirus). Trained technicians with proper personal protective equipment will ensure safe and effective on site process. Utilizing only those disinfectants suggested for both hard and porous surfaces by the Centers for Disease Control

    • Non toxic disinfectant natural & effective biocide
    • Kills 99.9999% of bacteria & viruses
    • Safe for Food Contact Surfaces
    • Sustainable & Environment Safe
    • Effective & efficient delivery proven protection
    • Complete 360deg Coverage
    professional disinfection services Fountain Valley California in Orange county

    Ask us for our total Opening Up America Again Technologies and services

  • Touchless Temperature reading camera sensors
  • Touchless Occupancy counters
  • Touchless Door access
  • professional disinfection services Fountain Valley

    Ask us for our total Opening Up America Again Training for Employees and Management

  • Pretest
  • Online training
  • Post-test
  • Certificate

  • professional disinfection services Fountain Valley California in Orange county

    Ask us for our Customized Services and Disinfection KITs & Bundles

  • 30 Day disinfection KITs bundles
  • 60 Day disinfection KITs & bundles
  • 90 Day disinfection KITs & bundles

    DisinfectionSquad uses Disinfectant product that is safe for on-the-go germ killing. Easy to use and great for shopping carts, public tables & chairs, and even for rinse-free use on pacifiers. The less than 2 oz bottle kills 99.9% of germs and is the perfect travel companion for work or vacations. Our Product and it delivery is:

    • Product used is registered by FDA and EPA
    • Replicates How People and Animals Kill Germs Naturally
    • No Allergy
    • No Allergens or Asthma Triggers
    • No Harmful Chemicals
    • No Harsh Fumes
    • No Chemical Residue
    • 100% Natural Ingredients; Just Electrolyzed Salt and Water
    • Fog Spray Anywhere
    • Zero Toxicity; Use Around Anyone
    • No First Aid Warnings Whatsoever
    • Travel size (3.9*1.18*1.25 inches)
    • No Bleach
    • No Dyes
    • Alcohol Free
    • No Harsh Fumes
    • Never Harmful Chemicals
    • Color Safe
    • Rinse Free
    • Fragrance Free
    • Pet Safe if Licked