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How effective, detailed are your local marketing strategies? Are you ready for 2015 and 2016?

Due to 1 billion transistor devices that we all carry ( mobile phones) Local marketing has to turn out to be make or break marketing strategy for all local businesses, here you will find the top local marketing posts and resources.
Being in Locals.Best and working with Local Entrepreneurs and experts are the best strategy for you to get  best  local search ranking factors
  • Find the best way you can create your Brand and market your business in this book ( Secret Branding business by Edwin Dearboarn  
  • Learn what would be the future businesses and Jobs in this book Called End of Jobs by Taylor Pearson 
  • SEO Fitness workbook SEO Fitness Workbook: 2015 Edition: The Seven Steps to Search Engine Optimization Success on Google by Jason McDonald 
  • Find out what gets you found locally through search in this substantial post by David Mihm.
  • You can always mine for more local customers. Want to learn how? Phil Rozek shares 25 nuggets of wisdom so you can get more customers, today!
  • The more citations you have, the more local visibility you can earn. Myles Anderson compiles a list of the top 15 citation resources to improve your traffic.
  • Mobile marketing has officially changed the mobile landscape. Learn how hyperlocal advertising affects the market in this post from Ratko Vidakovic.
  • Believe us when we tell you that your localization efforts pay off in the long run. Establishing a strong presence locally allows you to customize your content for targeted customers. Learn more about marketing localization from Avishai Sam Bitton.
  • The decline of Local Packs in search engines was a significant finding in the wake of Google’s search engine updates. Here’s a recap from Mike Blumenthal.
  • If you’re more technical with your web development, you can significantly impact your local relevance by optimizing your landing pages. Marc Nashaat lists six tactics to transform your page into an SEO powerhouse.
  • Linking is important if you want to get more traffic and targeted visitors back to your site. Focus on local links in order to get local search relevance. Greg Smith presents the big Local Link Building Guide .
  • There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to improving your local SEO. Dean Lynn highlights some of the biggest takeaways you should focus on for the most return-on-effort.
  • How many citations are enough for your business to thrive? Karmen de Reuck discusses the pitfalls and background regarding building citations in an article.
  • To show us the importance of local listings (as well as what constitutes a strong one) Vivek Patel puts together a smart guide getting into the nitty-gritty details.
  • Another post of Greg Smith’s makes it onto our list! If you want to jump in headfirst into Local SEO, start from the beginning. Check out this guide to Local SEO 101.
  • Choose your local search tools wisely, as they are your main support for bolstering your local presence. Adam Dorfman suggests asking these questions while considering adding the next tool to your toolkit.
  • Before you pay for anything, it’s best to try out the free stuff first. Trust us, there are some excellent free local tools you can use. Miriam Ellis offers up her list of free tools to take recommendations from.
  • Follow this step-by-step guide on how to do local SEO right! Hamish Stafford writes it up.
  • Not only must you oversee your own local strategy, but keep tabs on your competitors. Some of your best ideas come from them. Joe Kelly provides tips on competitor analysis.
  • We’re certain that your Google Plus Local page could use a second set of eyes. Or better yet, another example of what to follow. Brian Honigman shares three examples of successful Google Local Pages.
  • Google My Business was a big win for small businesses this year. Here’s an accompanying guide crafted by the folks at Simply Business.
  • It goes without saying that Google Plus is imperative to your local search success. Here are the concrete reasons why by James Gibbons.
  • In the ultimate collection of tips, David Prochaska posts 22 pieces of advice you should consider while putting together your master local strategy.
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