Best local and global video conferencing - Google adds ability to invite non-Google users to Hangouts

Google today announced a new feature for its Hangouts chat and video calling application that allows meeting organizers to invite users to calls even if they don't have Google accounts. Google says this will make it easier for businesses to host conferences on Google Hangouts with outside parties, such as clients or consultants. This move follows Google's Existing of Hangouts from its Google+ social network earlier this year.

Organizers of Hangouts conferences will still need to have Google accounts, but those that they invite to the party will be able to join by just clicking a link and without having to fill out a form or give any extra information apart from their name. Organizers will still have the ability to manage adding, muting, and ejecting of participants from meetings.
Google Hangouts InviteGoogle says the new feature was one of its most requested and is rolling out this week.

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