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Always make your future bigger than your past

posted Dec 17, 2017, 2:45 PM by David Khorram   [ updated Jun 14, 2018, 3:09 PM by innova accelerator ]

“Always make your future bigger than your past”

I just read a book and I thought I share it with you ( The Laws of Lifetime Growth – Dan’s bestselling book, now updated) 

  1. “Always make your future bigger than
    your past”
    • Make bigger goals – aim to create more value
    • If you strive to make others’ futures bigger, you’ll automatically make your own future bigger
    • Be selective – choose people who’ll make the most of your investment
  2. “Always make your learning greater than your experience” 
    • Squeeze as much learning as you can out of any experience
    • Decide before each day of work what learning you want to do
    • Make a list of events – set an intention to learn a certain number of things
  3. “Always make your contribution bigger than your reward”
    • Always size up a situation based on the maximum amount of contribution you can make
    • You’ll always learn more from contributing than from gaining
    • People notice the individuals who take and don’t give back – don’t be one of them
  4. “Always make your performance greater than your applause”
    • There’s a celebrity effect in the world – people magnify each other in their minds
    • The performance I give each day should be better than the performance I’ve given in the past
    • Applause is a byproduct of performance
  5. “Always make your gratitude greater than your success” 
    • “I try to constantly increase my appreciation of the relationships and factors in my life”
    • “What a lot of people treat as a goal, I’m treating as a byproduct” – get the appreciation right and the success will follow.
    • As soon as people become successful, they start doing all the wrong things
    • Ego and the need for gratitude 
    • The two things to protect as an entrepreneur are confidence and gratitude 
    • “You can’t explain why some people are successful and some people aren’t…a lot of it is luck and then the response to luck” 
    • Dan’s generation is known as “the lucky generation” – they’re the first generation that was born smaller than the generation before it 
    • He grew up with more than enough resources available  
    • “You can’t control the hand you’re dealt…but you can control how you play it”  
  6. “Always make your enjoyment greater than your efforts”  
  7. “Always make your cooperation greater than your status”  
  8. “Always make your confidence greater than your comfort”  
  9. “Always make your purpose greater than your money” 
  10. “Always make your questions bigger than your answers”  

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