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What is our project?

  1. Locals.Best is a portal designed to promote local businesses and entrepreneurs

Value proposition

  1. Be the best ..... it's the only market that's not crowded
  2. We can promote local businesses to be the best on search pages

Our goal 

  1. Create meaningful local jobs with recurring revenue for local managers
  2. Promote local business and increase their revenues 

Why we created the Locals.Best  

  1. Our research shows the best way to promote local businesses is through mobile phone since all of us carry one during a day and night
  2. Being available and searchable through mobile ecosystem has huge advantages!

How does it work?

  1. We create an easy and simple way to use the mobile phone,  website and make it easy for you to send a text and embed it into the client and customer mobile phone.
  2. The features are designed to make businesses and entrepreneurs accessible without the need of remembering names, number , address and more. I.e. Replacing  business cards is one of the advantages 
  3. Above squares, rectangles, Icons, text , hyperlinks, colors , background can be fully customized  .
  4. Options are endless - Video, audio and picture embeds are included.

Marketing and optimization 

  1. Our back office will promote the page  to the point you find it on the first page. For example;

Best Hair transplant Newport Beach.

Best Movement disorder Newport Beach.
Best Cosmetic dentist Costa Mesa.

How can I back this project? 

  1. You can simply join the network as a local business or local entrepreneur 
  2. Contact us for a short intro meeting and how to start 

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