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Being an entrepreneur

We are an startup like many of you. Our founders are Entrepreneurs which are passionate to create meaning full rewarding jobs.

So many of us, they have realized they will not be able to even think of retirement even in 80 years of age.

They are all seasoned business people which they have recognized most of the pain and challenges we are experience has to with arriving in to " knowledge"  or so called "intelligence" age and we need new tools and techniques to over come the obstacles. ( one can not apply mechanical engineering  or automotive repairs knowledge and experience to built solution applicable to today's challenges)   


They are many resources describing the challenges eliminating many industrial age and information age jobs  such as;
  1. Effect of economical and market  down turn   X, Y , Z and baby boomers. 
  2. Effect of new technology and robots of all kinds ( software, hardware)   in the work place. 
  3. Effect of  one billion + transistor mobile phone speeding up the transaction process
  4. Global expert sourcing and having access to talent and trained resource world wide 
  5. Cost of leaving has surpassed wages 
  6. There are for sure less traditional jobs in the market place in future 
  7. Poetical and environmental issues effecting humanity 
  8. in a lighter note, we are so impacted with the above which  most of us are working so hard and do not know what are the best thing around us or even as we go visit a new city. We always want to find the best of places and know or communicate with a local expert.
Above are all symptoms of the main issues. We are paying for industrial age expansion, we mostly are knowledgeable on Information subjects and mostly do not know about the Knowledge age.  

Solution - Entrepreneurship 

However, we see in this age Entrepreneurs are excelling and surpassing old structures. In industrial age, Carnegie, Rockefeller and Ford took many years to build their empires and become a billionaires. In information age it too a decade for IBM and Microsoft ( bill gate at age of 35) to create billion dollar empires. In Knowledge age  young entrepreneurs Google , Facebook ( zuckerberg at age 24), Amazon, Alibaba  and many others are billion dollar industry in few short years and all started by young Entrepreneurs. 

The lessons learned are;

  1. Every  things will be changed faster and;
  2. Entrepreneurship  will  be the name of the game 
We believe Entrepreneurship can be learned and practice.

Why we do what we do?

We believe almost most of us are in pursuit of Freedom, Meaning and wealth.  Based on this we have started many programs ( I.e Locals.Best) to create ecosystem to create local entrepreneurs of the future by interfacing them with today successful local entrepreneurs .

What we do?

We train and offer a powerful business solution to local entrepreneurs ( X, Y, Z and baby boomers Generation) , who ever wants to active and add to local economy and wants to  help local business to reduce their cost and add to the bottom line with no risk. This provide the freedom , a meaningful enjoyable job and create reoccurring revenues.   

Entrepreneurs are interfaced with local businessmen of  all kinds on mutually measurable and beneficial relationship. it is a truly a win, win situation.

How we do it? 

Having collective experience of more than 100 years our founders know, marketing and sales will allow local business to grow. Challenge is mostly are impacted by daily business task and have a very short time focusing on Marketing, networking, relationship building and conversion.

We also know 85% of local revenue is generated through local people and in the "knowledge age" many are driven through web and mobile applications.

We carefully select one local entrepreneur  per city and help them to promote one business per it vertical in the same city . For example  Dental cosmetic dentist - Cost Mesa - California . 

This accomplished based on a web page in California/ Costa Mesa/  Dental cosmetic dentist . 

What we do?

Our back office inbound and out bound  marketing team will promote the client page in Social Media and web and do the best to get them to the 1st page and many cases to the 1st position.

Our local entrepreneurs will promote the client locally to others and in social and PR events. They also drive traffic to the pages  trough their own networking and social media effort.

When we do?

Above is  done collectively since we all benefit when business is promoted to the 1st page and active in social media , gaining not only web and social media strategy ( pushing the business to knowledge age) but also generates revue positively impacting the bottom line.

We carry on this and keep the business promotion and marketing  by exclusively promoting one business of kind per city as long the business wants it.

Plans and programs?

We have very low cost monthly fee associated with above marketing effort which guarantees;
  1. Exclusivity 
  2. Web and social media traffic
  3. Risk free 
    1. Business pays only if business is on the 1st page of search
    2. Business pays as long as business choose too with no long term contract
This revenue is shared by local Entrepreneurs in order to keep the momentum. 
We also introduce the local businesses to  potential investors interested to invest in best local businesses 

Our story

The locals best idea was born when David Khorram got to age of 55 and was visiting Monaco with his family on a vacation. His doughtier asked him where is the best places to go, visit and shop trusting David as a  seasoned world traveler. 
At that moment David ( an entrepreneur businessman)  was just finishing two books "End of Jobs - by Taylor Pearson ) and Growth Hacking by  Ryan Holiday)

David knew guide books and even websites are too formal or too wrong. If a visitor left a bad comment about a business, event  or a place, he or she might be right or may be not knowing what they were looking for. They simply  might have a wrong experience. Only local people can have a accurate and definite opinion about a local business, event or a place.

Thus the problem were few issues but 1st was the  need to have local knowledge and experience  and  how to use "knowledge based tools"  to create meaningful local jobs . was created to provide possessive experiences and outcome for the visitors, Local businesses, local entrepreneurs and local investors based on an organic promotional and web method. 

Of course, the byproduct of the solution is for businesses, events, places to find themselves on Google search pages and due to crowd sourcing nature of the website, many will be optimized to be on the 1st page of google search ( I.e Best hair Implant transplant Newport Beach

Locals.Best thus was born as an online update and fresh guide to find those trusted, nice,  cool and cozy business, events and spots that locals and visitors like to  go to or hang out. We all want to avoid bad experience and time wasters. We have built this awesome portal first as a web site ( a MVP - minimum viable product) to make sure we have your inputs and comments first and  then to create  its  mobile app where the local  tips are being created by well-selected local experts of each city who has proven experiences at their best local places, businesses. events, people and entertainments. 


If you want to list your business with is due to you knowing power of being locally represented and your online presence in exclusive best listing ( one business type per city only ) ! The more exclusivity  the better, get listed on our website and put your business in front of thousands of local searchers , everyday 24 hours a day, 7 days a week now! Just Contact us.

Are you the best business in your city?

  • Do you want your business to be online and beat the competition, Effortlessly?
  • We place your business in front local consumers that are searching on the top search engines.
  • Customers can search your page and review your business on mobile, tablet, or desktop devices.

Do you know your city? 

If you are a local and know your city well, then the next set of questions are, Would like to;
  1. Be the Local entrepreneur for your city? 
  2. Get know hundreds of local businesses and their owners entrepreneurs and help the bottom line
  3. Generate predicable monthly income
  4. Have ave fun and gain entrepreneurial experience
  5. Help the local economy
  6. Lean web  design and SEO techniques  
  7. Part of large network of entrepreneurs in your county and state and collaborate on large issues   
If the answer is yes, then  Contact us.

The Power of Expert Local Entrepreneurs at your Service!