Are you?

Are you in one of the following groups? If yes, then you can tremendously befit from Business and idea Growth Hacking Training:

Group #1:Business

    1. Want to raise fund for expansion
    2. Marketing, sales and operation is stagnate and need an overhaul
    3. Business and concept has been impacted by
      1. Rapid change of technology
      2. Government compliance and regulation 
      3. Current economic trends 

Group #2:Individual

    1. Start up
    2. Entrepreneurs
    3. Planing to transition out of your current position and job
    4. Already  transitioned out of your current position and job
    5. Looking to start a venture that  it gives you freedom, choice, meaning and wealth 

Big trend

Above  are the symptoms of a big trend. There are many names for this trend and many books covering  it . 

We are simply in a new age. We call it  the "Knowledge Age".  

The Knowledge Age is a new, advanced form of capitalism in which knowledge and ideas are the main source of economic growth (more important than land, labor, money, or other 'tangible resources).

Our program

We offer a two (2) hours knowledge sharing session every two weeks . Among the interest and business vertical , specialty and owner's passion, we select four (4) businesses or individual.

These are the one,   we believe  are ready to get enrolled with  a one month(1) program which is called "30 days  Jump  start" .
This is  to kickstart, launch their businesses and idea  or improve their operations and achieve the goal mutual set. We meet , collaborate and cooperate  4 hours a week.

How to register

Program Details

The focus of  start-ups , Entrepreneurs 
 and businesses in most sectors has progressed from competing on efficiency and effectiveness to competing on the basis of continuous innovation. As companies have accelerated innovation in their own businesses, they have discovered that they can’t change the world and business environment alone.

For every advance there are complementary innovations that must be joined in order that customers can benefit. These complementary advances often must co-evolve across company lines because no single firm has all of the required specialized knowledge and managerial resources necessary for the whole system. Indeed, a substantial solution to a customer need may require the participation of dozens or even hundreds of diverse contributors, each of which is a master of fast-moving, complex and subtle developments in its own domain. For a discussion of how innovation is coordinated by the business ecosystem organizational form, see James F. Moore, Predators and Prey: A New Ecology of Competition, HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW, (1883)

Small , Medium size business due to budgetary constrains and large business due current economic environment do not have the require resources to start or maintain their continuous innovation and we clearly without innovation there is no growth and expansion . We also know expansion without innovation and control can bring disaster ( Gulf oil spill ) .

if you also don't practice the change management that looks after the future, the future will not look after you. "...The tendency for successful companies to fail to innovate is just that: a tendency. If you're too focused on your current business, it's hard to look ahead..." The constant formation of new units within a corporation is one means of gearing up to change.

Then, the secret is to delegate the expensive part of “ the continuous innovation “ to Google . Google Search, Google business services, Google Apps, Google API engine , Google Voice, Google Local, Google Postini, Google Maps, Google ,Google market , Google Buzz, etc. etc. have all of the required specialized knowledge, technological and managerial resources necessary to bring the innovation revolution to your company .

The next step is to implement “ the continuous innovation “ attitude in your company . For example change your company IT staff, consultant and others to change from focusing from maintenance and support to business solution innovation , developing new business solution and solving business problems.

You might ask , how ? Google is a universal consultant , if you know what and how to ask ( search ) you get part or whole part of your answer. Please review “ Google search philosophy ( )

Google search works because it relies on the millions of individuals posting links on websites to help determine which other sites offer content of value. As the web gets bigger , the more power and information will available to you and your employees . Currently 5x 10 power 18 bytes of data and more have transferred by Google last two ( 2 ) days around the world. This equal all data transmitted since start of humanity to the year 2003.

People and companies that are receiving or transmitting these data and know how to manage , filter, and process them will be the one which will survive the current economic condition and will best take advantage of technology shift of paradigm which we are experiencing now.

Learning and practicing “ the continuous innovation “ is mutually beneficial for employee and company since in any company P&L statement employees will move from expense ( Support and maintenance ) to income from liability to asset column.

Please complete attached and we will send you “ Google for Intelligent “ , the secret of how to grow your business by getting more from Google .

These are a collective business applications developed using Google , Google Apps, Google API engine and Google market place by us and our Global Googlelators. ( power of collective wisdom )

Collective wisdom refers to knowledge and insight gained through group and community interaction. At a deeper level, however, it is about our living connection to each other and the interdependence we share in our neighborhoods, organizations, and world community.

Based on nine years of research, The Power of Collective Wisdom shows how we can reliably tap into the extraordinary co-creative potential that exists whenever human beings gather together. 

Stories and historical examples illustrate how collective wisdom has emerged in a range of cultures, settings, and traditions, and the authors offer a set of practices to help readers realize the key lessons of the book.

These techniques, tactics and application will;
  1. Reduce business cost
  2. Increase efficiency 
  3. Create new revenue sources. 
At, we innovate every day and update “ Google for Intelligent “ every month . The document includes information how to create or deploy :

  • Messaging ( Email, calendar, Video Chat..etc.)
  • Collaboration ( Docs, Spread sheet, Presentation, Draw, Form Maker, Web maker , Private Video, Groups and more
  • Massage , Email security and Archiving
  • Web security and Web Security
  • Google search best practices
  • Business solution - Business website using Google fabrics 
  • Business solution - CRM
  • Business solution - ERP
  • Business Solution - Marketing
  • Business Solution - Accounting
  • Business Solution - Marketing & Email Marketing
  • Business Solution - Back Up and disaster recovery
  • Business Solution - Custom application development
  • Business Solution - Security and compliance
  • Business Solution - Document management
  • Business Solution - Customer management
  • Business Solution - Project Management
  • Business Solution - On demand work force
  • Business Solution - Work place management and live reporting 
  • Business Solution - Inventory management and live update 
  • Business Solution - Automated lead generator
  • Business Solution - Brand monitoring and business intelligence
  • Business Solution - Crowd sourcing
  • Business Solution - Cloud sourcing
  • Business Solution - Crowd funding
  • Business Solution - Web site ( Google Fabric )
  • Business Solution - SEO best practices
  • Business Solution - Google webmaster
  • Business Solution - Google Analytic
  • Business Solution - Google Optimizer
  • Business Solution - Google Places
  • Business Solution - Google Profile
  • Business Solution - Video production ( training, testimonial, Corporate Video,Training Video, Commercials,Trade Show Video,Video on Website
  • Business Solution - Knowledge base portal
  • Business solution - Project deployment and virtual training center for rapid national or local roll out with zero go back 
  • Business Solution - Company WIDE PROJECT BROAD
  • Business Solution - On demand local work force portal ( be your own outsource company ) 
  • Business Solution -Automated HR portal 
  • Business Solution - On demand national deployment team, resources and logistics portal 
  • Business Solution -Automated lead generation portal 
  • Business solution - Green energy and energy saving
and more